CPD: Fake $20 bills spreading

The Crawfordsville City Police Department has issued a warning regarding counterfeit $20 bills being circulated throughout the community. 

Incidents are on the rise and police want the community to be aware of the problem. 

“The 20s are a little harder to notice as fake because most people only suspect counterfeit bills in larger denominations, like one-hundred dollar bills,” said Detective Sergeant A.J. Rice. “We are asking

everyone to be more observant.”

Rice said the serial numbers are different on each counterfeit bill.

Rice said the fake currency has shown up at local businesses and restaurants. He said there are some similar signs on each fake bill, and he hopes the public will notice.

“The bills do not have a watermark, do not have a security strip and some have uneven edges,” he said. “On some of the bills a shadow can be seen along the bottom edge.”

Rice said this is a statewide trend.

“Several convenience stores are getting caught with

accepting counterfeit $20s,” Rice said. “The people will walk in and buy a smaller priced item and then take back $19 in real currency.”

Police urge anyone who believes he or she has received a counterfeit bill to take it to a local banking institution for inspection. If bank officials believe the currency is counterfeit, then the police department will be notified.

Rice can be contacted at 765-362-3762, ext. 216. 

To date, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has not fielded any calls related to the counterfeit money.