Local cattle take top honors

Cattle born and raised in Montgomery County took top honors in both the heifer and steer beef shows at the Montgomery County 4-H Fair on Monday.

Mitchell Shepherd’s Hereford was chosen as the champion heifer and Ellie Sennett claimed the top steer.

The heifer show was enhanced by some sibling rivalry as Mitchell edged out his sister, Mackenzie, whose commercial heifer was named runner-up.

Mitchell was too excited to listen to the reason the judge chose his heifer. But, he does remember the feeling when he saw the judge slap the rear of his Hereford.

“I was in shock,” Mitchell said. “Coming into the night I thought I had a pretty good chance. My heifer has a lot of muscle and is deep bellied.”

Mackenzie was happy for her brother and that the family placed well at the show. But, she did admit, there is a lot of sibling rivalry in the show ring.

Mitchell, who is in his second year of showing cattle, will be a fifth-grader at Pleasant Hill Elementary. Mackenzie will be an eighth-grader at Northridge Middle School. They are the children of Michael and Jennifer Shepherd.

Sennett, who drove home Saturday from the Angus Junior National show in Iowa, claimed the top steer with her crossbred. The steer was born and bred on the family farm near Waynetown.

Sennett said the judge liked her steer because it handles well and moves around the ring well. The fact the steer has eye-appeal from the side was another positive factor with the judge.

The Sennett family has won beef championships for three generations. Sennett, a senior at North Montgomery High School, said she is proud to carry on her family tradition and showing cattle is in her blood.

“I love showing cattle and it is what I do,” Sennett said. “I want to make a living at it someday. Some kids ask me why I do this, but all I can say is that it is my passion.”

Sennett is the daughter of Lance and Margaret Sennett.