City reports Stellar projects are on schedule

The City of Crawfordsville’s Stellar Communities projects are on schedule, local officials said during a recent progress meeting.

Program partners are required to meet quarterly with state agencies to give a status report on their projects.

Crawfordsville’s six projects include Fusion 54; Trailhead Park; Pike Place Pocket Park; Big Four Trail; Historic Whitlock Neighborhood Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation; and Downtown Trail. The city received Stellar Communities status in 2015.

“Because these plans are so comprehensive and require such a large investment, it can be difficult for some designees to see all projects to fruition,” Mayor Todd Barton said in a news release. “But I’m happy to report our update to the State team showed all projects are on schedule and in some cases, ahead of the originally proposed schedule.

“While I am well aware the downtown renovation at times can be an inconvenience, long-term we are transforming our community to make it a destination to live, work, play and learn,” Barton added. “Our goal is that Crawfordsville becomes top of mind as a great location for businesses, young professionals, and those folks looking for a safe and friendly environment to raise a family.”